Comments From “We The People”

“I have the utmost respect for Mr Cain & his GENUINE AMERICAN VALUES. I have listened to his message many times on radio & TV interviews. Undeniably, he is the ABSOLUTELY Right Choice for our next President in so many ways.
Herman Cain is definitely NOT an empty suit; he is a very accomplished, principled, SENSIBLE, well-educated, humorous, business-smart, SELF-MADE man of HONOR & TRUSTWORTHINESS.”

M.W.    Washington

“Saw your interview with Greta Van Susteren. Immediately excited about your potential candidacy. I implore you to run for president!”

C.D.    Nebraska

“What better way to fix our broken nation than with a common sense, business man, who knows how to make it work!”

L.B.     Arizona

“I want to do whatever I can to make SURE that Herman Cain becomes the NEXT president of the USA!!!!!!!!!!!”

J.T.    Georgia

“I heard Herman on Greta’s show on FOX Network and I was extremely impressed with him and what he had to say. After searcing the internet for information about Herman, I read everything I could find – and I absolutely believe he can defeat Obama in 2012. Moreover, he will be the best candidate the Republican Party can field against Obama. Herman’s successful career in business, military experience, outstanding leadership skills, superior ability to communicate – in addition to his devotion to family, country, and God will serve America extremely well for 8 years during a time in our history when we most need a humble leader with his honesty and strength of character. I look forward to being a volunteer, with my wife  in Herman Cain’s Presidential Campaign and donating to his ca! mpaign once Herman decides to run for President.”

K.S.    Indiana

“Herman Cain may be our best chance to take the White House and our nation back in 2012.”

S.R.    Florida

“After seeing Mr. Cain on Greta’s show tonight, I am, for the 1st time in my 45 years, excited about a potential presidential candidate. His success as a business man and ability to relate to the common man is what we need to take our country back from the special interest groups. I’m all in!”

B.M.    North Carolina


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