Herman Cain–“I feel compelled to run.”


2 thoughts on “Herman Cain–“I feel compelled to run.”

  1. I have a voice message broadcasting company – we have made millions of political calls. I would like to help Herman Cain if he has the desire. If you want to make people aware – we do it literally for pennies.

    I would like to provide some constructive feedback if your web master is not too thin-skinned. I have always been a fan of Herman Cain, back when he took the arrows as a black conservative as an outspoken CEO of Godfathers. The website is nice – I would change the initial information that visitors see – you have to persuade people to read more – engage them and when you do you will convert them to the team. Here is the message that should be on the first page of the Draft Cain site as follows…

    Can you name one candidate for President that was responsible for running a business with thousands of employees? No. We desperately need someone who understands business first-hand. Not some other politician that talks – we need someone who has PROVEN they can walk the walk and HELP small business create jobs. That’s why we know we need Herman Cain. Can you name any candidate who has a history like Herman?

    My reason is because marketing is about showing concisely demonstrating the difference. I agree that Mr. Cain is the obvious choice over all other candidates. The job here is to convert visitors to the cause – an echo chamber of everyone saying yea Herman is not going to get it. That’s why we would use the Number 1 issue for all Americans – Jobs.

    And a web form that may not work correctly is simply not acceptable. What impression does this send – that we want Herman to run the world – Ready to Join – fill out the form and it may work.
    As I said it’s a little critical – but it’s constructive, if you decide to take it and make improvements. I would like to discuss what I can to help the team. You have my email in the submission of this post.

    • Doug, I dropped you a note. Thanks for pointing out some issues and making recommendations. Our web form has worked fine. Some browsers seem to have issues with “captcha”. Out of the thousands of responses, we’ve had 3 submit a note indicating they could not fill out the form. For those, they simply need to drop us a note.

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