January 9th Conference Call


Less than a year ago, we went up with http://draftcain.org.  Our purpose was/is quite simple, to build a network of supporters, volunteers and organizers in all 50 states to encourage Herman Cain to run for President.  Throughout this venture we have never solicited any money, nor accepted any money (we always referred people to The Hermanator PAC).  To date, we have identified supporters in all 50 states and are working feverishly with the these individuals in the early states to help them be effective. 

In short, this has been perhaps the most successful “draft” effort that has been organized by any potential candidate.  THANK YOU, as you are who made this successful.

It is my understanding that Herman has filed is paperwork to establish the exploratory committee.  A recent Milwaukee newspaper reported this “Cain has formed a presidential exploratory committee and said he will formally announce his candidacy in a few months. Asked if anything would prevent him from declaring, he said, "Death.".

A press conference is being planned for January 12th.  I don’t have the details.  However, it is my understanding that Herman will be introducing a biographical video.

Sunday, January 9th 4:30 EST, we are hosting a live conference call that will last about 30 minutes.  We’ve invited Daniel Tripp, National Field Director, from Herman’s exploratory committee as well as other organizations that developing networks.   Call in details will follow shortly.

This is a huge opportunity to maximize Herman’s message and assist his committee in testing the waters.  We will record the call and make it available soon after, but we would certainly appreciate your involvement.

Thank you, again, for all of your hard work.

Maurice Atkinson



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