DraftCain.org January Update


I wanted to drop you a note to let you know how excited we are about the massive amount of growth that we are experiencing at DraftCain.org. A little more than a year ago we began with a Facebook group. Then in April we put up our website and set up state specific groups. Each month has yielded solid and steady growth.

The common thread I see from the hundreds of emails is that the public is desirous for a Common Sense Conservative to be elected as our next Commander in Chief. Americans want to believe in the promise of America again.

While we are enthused about the prospects of Herman Cain’s potential candidacy, we are under no illusions that this won’t be an arduous task. There are going to be many exciting moments and many tough paths (too numerous to count) on the road to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

I Know Herman.

In 2003 I became acquainted with Herman Cain shortly after he announced his candidacy for the United States Senate. I had previously known of Cain through a presentation he gave at a Wal-Mart management conference. The management principles he espoused and was delivering in his presentation were not only excellent management principles, but they were life principles.

I volunteered for his campaign. While working as a volunteer, organizing in Middle Georgia, I learned a great deal about Cain.

    · Cain has a deep and abiding faith that he lives and breathes.

    · Cain knows how to move productivity. Simply look at his executive performance.

    · Cain maintains a healthy respect and reverence for the Constitution and the American way of life.

    · Cain is an effective and visionary leader.

    · Cain is determined. They will not outwork him. (stick around and you’ll see what I mean)

Talk is cheap.

In politics, the public is exposed to a seemingly endless amount of political rhetoric. Political positions and promises are made as loudly as carnival clowns. They tell us all the evils of the other candidate and all the promises of a better life once elected. One simple and glaring question remains. “How are those experienced politicians working out for you?”

In recent days, activists with allegiances to a certain elected “leader” have arisen to stymie the exploration of a candidacy of Cain. They are perpetuating a myth that somehow Cain is not conservative and will somehow begin singing the songs of the status quo. Consider the source.

The very ones who are ranting about Herman not pursuing an audit of the federal reserve as a key priority of his administration somehow seem to either not understand or won’t acknowledge the fact that their “politician” actually chairs a sub-committee that can empanel such an audit they crave. Cain has gone on record to say he would not stop or stymie such an audit if it is convened. So, “where’s the beef?”

Herman Cain’s Priorities

· Strengthening our National Security

· Unleash our Economic Growth

· Fix the REAL Immigration Problem(s)

· Cut Government Spending

· Create a Pathway to Energy Independence

Herman Cain knows how to get things done. He has a keen understanding of our economic system and knows how to create jobs.

The path to the White House is a tough road, as it should be. Never before has the population been able to be a part of the process and vet the candidates as we can now. I would submit that Herman Cain exceeds any rational expectation of a solid leader. America has a deficit of leadership. America needs Herman Cain.

Maurice Atkinson


DraftCain.org is not affiliated with Herman Cain, HITM (Hermanator’s Intelligent Thinkers Movement), WSB radio or any other entity. We are a volunteer, grassroots organization who appreciate and support the work of Herman Cain and are organizing and encouraging him to run for President in 2012.


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