Herman Cain: I hear the people

In last week’s commentary I announced the formation of my presidential exploratory committee. The majority of the responses I have received have been very positive and encouraging, and the responses to the common-sense solutions I have discussed at dozens of town-hall-style meetings have been outstanding.

My focus at these meetings has been on strengthening our national security, unleashing the full growth potential of our economy, cutting government spending, modernizing our social programs, fixing our immigration problems and implementing a real energy independence strategy.

People have responded especially well to my approach to problem-solving.

They are not expecting a leader to have all of the answers, but an effective leader knows how to get to the answers. Leaders identify the right problems, set the right priorities, select the right people and execute the right plans on behalf of the people.

These meetings have also given me an additional opportunity to listen to people’s concerns and ideas. Two years ago people expressed themselves as “concerned” about the direction of the country. Now, they consistently express “fear” about the direction of the country. (read more)


One thought on “Herman Cain: I hear the people

  1. Cain supporters, we knew that it was only a matter of time before this happened. The liberals have started attacking Cain because they see that he’s the only candidate the Republicans have who can beat Obama in 2012.

    This liberal loony place called Irregular Times has started publishing anti-Cain articles in which they’re claiming that Cain is just another establishment candidate who is attacking constitutional rights. See, for example: http://irregulartimes.com/index.php/archives/2011/01/28/herman-cain-is-an-establishment-candiadate/

    What do these liberals know?

    We need a response to these articles from the clan of Cain! We need to make a demonstration that the Herman Cain is not going to take these attacks lying down!

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