Herman Cain on CPAC, Sarah Palin, Birtherism, and Topless Pics

Joshua Green

Joshua Green – Joshua Green is a senior editor of The Atlantic and a weekly political columnist for the Boston Globe

What do you hope to achieve at CPAC?
I want to present what I mean by common sense solutions. I’m not gonna talk about the campaign. I’m not gonna talk about running for president. We know what the problems are in America. I’m going to talk about strengthening our national security, because the American people know that it is being weakened. Unleashing out economic potential. We’ve got more economic potential that’s easy to get to, quite frankly, we just don’t have the leadership in the administration or in Washington DC, that knows how to unleash it. The number one issue in people’s minds is, How would you stimulate the economy? I’m going to spend most of my time giving an example of how we get this economy going: You don’t extend tax rates for two years, you make them permanent. I would have pushed Congress to make them permanent. Second, lower the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 25 percent. We’re the only developed country on the planet that has not lowered its top corporate tax rate in 20 years. And yet, we complain about American businesses shipping jobs overseas. No, the other countries are creating a giant vacuum that’s sucking jobs overseas! Third, lower the capital gains tax rates. Class warfare is killing America, and someone’s got to tell America the truth that lower capital gains tax rates isn’t rewarding rich people. What do you think rich people do with all that extra money? There’s only so many boats and cars they can buy! They invest it! And instead of that 2 percent bone they threw to American workers–the payroll tax cut–I would have suspended payroll tax to the employer and employee for an entire year. It would have put directly into the economy, directly into the hands of the workers, nearly the same amount of money that they wasted on the stimulus bill.
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