Herman Cain Gaining Speed!

Huckabee Continues to Lead in GOP Positive Intensity Tracking
Little-known Herman Cain generates strong enthusiasm among those who recognize him

by Frank Newport

PRINCETON, NJ — Mike Huckabee continues to generate the strongest favorable reactions from Republicans who recognize him, with a Positive Intensity Score of 26. Mitt Romney and Michele Bachmann follow, with Positive Intensity Scores of 20. Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain are at 19, and Sarah Palin is at 18.

Positive Intensity Scores, Potential Candidates for 2012 Republican Presidential Nomination, February-March 2011 Trend

This marks the first report on Republicans’ views of Herman Cain, a former restaurant association executive from Georgia, who has formed a presidential exploratory committee. Cain is not well known among Republicans — 21% recognize his name — but generates enthusiasm among those who do know him, giving him an overall Positive Intensity Score of 19.



3 thoughts on “Herman Cain Gaining Speed!

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  3. Herman Cain is coming in second on the poll.Sarah Palin is the highest.If you look at the no of people who have voted it explains.Gov Palin has had some 800 ppl stop in and vote.Herman Cain has 200.We’ve got to get THOSE numbers up.If all his supporters would vote and get that number past Oov Palin’s he’d be in first.
    I KNOW there are way more than 200 ppl out there who are 100% behind Mr Cain.

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