Herman Cain Talks about His Faith, Possible Presidential Run

The former Godfather’s Pizza CEO believes that the problem-solving skills honed in the business world will translate well to public office.

By Sarah Hamaker|Christian Post Contributor


CP: Why are you considering a run for president?

Cain: I think it began with my thinking about the parable of the talents in Matthew 25. Throughout my life, I have been blessed to have had a successful career, a loving wife of 42 years, two adult children and now three grandkids. I’ve developed my problem-solving skills as a businessman, developed my leadership skills as a businessman, developed my communications skills as a businessman, developed my radio talk show. One day, I sat down and looked at all the talents I had been allowed to develop and after going through some other personal life-threatening things, I asked myself what should I do with these talents? Should I stay on cruise control for the rest of my life? Or should I do something truly significant with them? That led me to consider a presidential exploratory committee. I was inspired because of discomfort in the direction of the country. I was inspired by thinking about my grandkids’ generation and what they would inherit if we did not stop this rapid train to destruction for this country.

I was also inspired by the life-threatening experience I had with cancer nearly five years ago, when I was told I had a 30 percent chance of being alive today. I am totally cancer free. I believe that was God’s way of saying “Herman, not yet, I want you to do something with the talents that I have allowed you to develop.” I could go out and start another company and make some more money, play some more golf. But a year ago, I started to seriously consider putting together an exploratory committee, thinking that maybe my skill set could help this country. I didn’t have a lifelong aspiration to be president. It wasn’t until I saw the direction that President Obama and his administration were taking this country, that I really got concerned like a lot of people. That’s when God started to lay on my heart that maybe I needed to be one of the choices for the American people.

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