2012 Presidential hopeful Herman Cain rises in the polls

Christopher Collins

Paulding County Republican Examiner

(Paulding County, Georgia)– A few years ago, no one outside of Atlanta knew who Herman Cain was but today, his name has become more of a household name and according to a Gallup poll from last month, he appears to be a rising star in his hopes to run for the 2012 Presidential election.

While other potential candidates have been included in the Gallup poll for several weeks, in only his second round of being included, he move up from 4th place to 2nd place. In this poll, he beat out career politicians, media darlings and well-funded elected officials. 

His Presidential Exploratory Committee Chief of Staff Mark Block stated, “As you can see, Herman’s growing momentum is now garnering attention from grassroots supporters, mainstream media and even one of the nation’s premier polling organizations. This is because his message of "common sense solutions" is resonating with Americans like you and me— Americans worrying about the direction of our country: from just keeping the lights on to the mounting national debt we’ll leave behind for our children and grandchildren.

north dakota

Herman has zigzagged the country, meeting with folks on his "needs assessment tour" to determine how we can work together to get this country back on track! He has hired an excellent staff of those committed to his values and vision to restore and protect the American Dream.”

“And he continues to examine whether there’s enough voter and donor support out there to launch a campaign for the White House,” Block said.


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