Cain Connection- April 20, 2011


Herman Shares Five-Point Tax Plan
This week, Herman Cain rolled out his five-point tax plan at events around the country. In a time when President Obama is calling for tax hikes on hardworking Americans and small businesses, Herman believes it’s time to lower taxes to supercharge our economy. Here’s what he thinks we should do:

  1. Eliminate the taxes on repatriated profits, which are earnings of American-based multinational companies that sit in bank accounts overseas to avoid double taxation for bringing their profits back to the U.S.
  2. Make the current tax rates permanent. Families and businesses do not plan for two years at a time!
  3. Reduce the corporate income tax from 35 to 25 percent, with the potential for additional incremental decreases over time.
  4. Eliminate the tax on capital gains and their dividends.
  5. Suspend payroll taxes for both employees and employers for one year.

On the Road Again
In observance of Tax Day, Herman gave 12 speeches in 10 states in 8 days. Friends and supporters braved all kinds of weather— from disastrous floods in Fargo, ND to bitter cold temperatures in Des Moines, IA — to stand with him as he shared his five-point tax plan to help get our economy back on track. Thank you to the tens of thousands who joined us.

Herman in Lansing, Michigan!

A huge crowd for Herman in Orlando, FL.

Yet Another Straw Poll Victory
Herman spoke alongside other potential 2012 presidential contenders at the Tax Day Tea Party rally in Concord, New Hampshire. There, Americans for Prosperity conducted a text message straw poll of those in attendance. The results were remarkable! Herman came in first place with 62 percent of the vote!
Media Blitz
Herman’s media profile is raising significantly across the country. Here are just a few clips from this week:
University of Iowa student Emily Hoener: Cain Stumps to Break Away from GOP Pack
Herman Cain Stops by Your World with Neil Cavuto
Dennis Miller Interviews Herman Cain
Wishing You a Blessed Week
From all of us at Friends of Herman Cain, we wish you a blessed week. Whether you celebrate Easter or Passover, folks around the country are remembering these joyous occasions by gathering with family and friends and recalling our faith and heritage as a people. For those traveling to see loved ones, we wish you safe travels!

Friends of Herman Cain
PO Box 2158
Stockbridge Georgia 30281
United States


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