A Timely Message From A Volunteer!


Keep breathing Cainiacs.

I am guilty of doubting, but every time I hear this man speak, I remember what I came on board for.

If a majority of Americans could be convinced to vote for a man who had no executive experience, voted present almost every time he had to vote, consorted with people whose words and actions reflected a disdain for America and has now done nothing to improve our nation, then they can be convinced to vote for a man with wisdom, heartfelt love for this nation, business genius and a true message of hope, prosperity and liberty. That man is Herman Cain.

When I see Herman Cain I see a man who could teach me a thing or two about my own pessimism and my liberally cultivated desire for politically savvy elites in suits. I see a president of which I could truly say, "He’s one of us." He speaks like us. His rhythms and quips carry a seasoned sound of the cheerful American who simply loves his country and wants to do right for it. There’s no bravado, no bullshit. He’s a man I can respect for his achievements, his life; not just vague Obama rockstar appeal. Herman Cain is real.

We have a battle ahead of us, but the reason we live here today is because those first Americans won a war against an EMPIRE because the flame of liberty was in their hearts. We have that flame. It is an undying flame, a cheerful flame, a divine flame, and Herman Cain is the man we choose to carry it back into the Capitol.

This message can win. But we must be the ones to speak it in love, in confidence and in generosity. We must shield our ears and our hearts from the filth that this race will degenerate into. We’re carrying a torch no mud-slinging can staunch and no lies can extinguish. We must be Mr. Cain’s defenders while he works and studies and prepares for the enormous task that may lie ahead of him. We must continually school ourselves and be willing to engage with anyone.

I have to remind myself that this is no small thing, and my desire to see Herman Cain as the next president is no petty desire. This is big, and I have to see it as such. We live and die for liberty, Cainiacs. It’s what we do.

Now let’s step into this country and do something amazing.

Jonathan Cate, Tennessee


2 thoughts on “A Timely Message From A Volunteer!

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