Poll Shows Herman Cain With Large Lead In Ga.

Maurice Atkinson, DraftCain.org/ElectCain.com

Friday, June 3rd, an WSB/Insider Advantage poll result were released to the public showing Herman Cain leading 2 to 1.  There are some interesting observations that make this poll pollresult tremendously exciting.

As of this writing, Friends of Herman Cain presidential committee has no formal organizational structure in place in Georgia.  That is not to say that one does not exist.  For more than a year DraftCain.org has been mobilized and organized thousands of individuals from across the state, developing a grassroots network supporting Cain and encouraging him to run for president.  We’ve encouraged our participants to organize  and get involved within their local Republican Party apparatus. 

On May 14, Cain supporting delegates were numerous at the GAGOP convention.  It is my understanding that the planned presidential straw poll was was scrapped due to the overwhelming support of Cain, which would have embarrassed another candidate who is being supported and endorsed by the Governor and the two previous Georgia Governors.

This poll accurately demonstrates the power of the Citizens Movement and the engagement that is necessary to win the nomination.  We at DraftCain.org are committed to supporting Cain and empowering our network of volunteers to help Herman Cain seize the nomination.


      DraftCain.org/ElectCain.com is not affiliated with Herman Cain, HITM (Hermanator’s Intelligent Thinkers Movement), WSB radio or any other entity. We are a volunteer, grassroots organization who appreciate and support the work of Herman Cain and are organizing and encouraging him in his run for President in 2012.


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