I’m really amazed, irritated and dumbfounded at many in the mainstream media.  They really don’t get it, or  just don’t want to.

With 7 candidates in the field and only a limited amount of time for airing a debate, one would think that each question asked would be of critical importance.  So what does a “Problem Solver” get asked in a national debate?  A question regarding a statement made in a hallway to a reporter two months prior that has been reported in every news rag the world over.

Our economy is stagnate.  Nearly 10% of America AIN’T WORKING!  Your property value is in the tank.  Gasoline prices are significantly slowing what meager economic revival may have been and economic forecasters are predicting a dismal third and fourth quarters (look at your 401(k) statement).

When I look at the field of candidates, I see a lot of quality and dignified people.  I also see a field of candidates that have either participated or failed to show leadership that has led to this economic mess.  While three of the candidates have never served in the congress two have promoted Cap and Trade, Mandated Healthcare and policies that have proven to continue our stagnation.  One candidate, Herman Cain, has an impressive corporate resume of strong leadership and communication skills that are required to build consensus and solve problems.  We’re electing a leader, leaders lead.

I hate to bring up an old slogan from the Clinton years, but it really is fitting.  It is the economy stupid.   Some of you may have been pretty young, but I do recall, vividly, the 1992 presidential election.  George Bush Sr. was just coming out of his victorious Iraq war with astronomically high approval ratings when the economy had a hiccup.  It was nothing compared to what we are mired in today.  However, it was a comment that Bush made not knowing what the price of a gallon of milk was that sent his re-election into the skids.

Right now things stink, pretty badly.  This election is all about the economy.

There are 435 members of the House of Representatives and 100 members of the Senate.   That total number is a little more than the church I attend.  These 535 “elected leaders” are blatantly dysfunctional, have no clear pro-growth economic agenda, but certainly do know how to use the credit card that they don’t have to worry about paying for.  It is abundantly clear that we need a leader who has the appropriate knowledge and skill set that is necessary to harness people and turn around this mess.

So please, next time these fine men and women debate, could the media at least ask substantive questions?

Maurice Atkinson

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