Herman Cain’s Campaign Business Model

Herman Cain has broken the business model of retail politics.  I really find it humorous that the media, and political pundits have been hammering his unorthodox campaign.  They just don’t get it.

Consider the other candidates.  They’re defined by their handlers, press releases and advertisements.  Their persona for the public is created.  Their events and public appearances are carefully crafted to deliver a specific message that the media lazily reports on.  Cain, in stark contrast, has been straight to the people.

In 2004, Cain had a campaign mantra “They Will Not Outwork Us”.  It is blatantly obvious that the campaign motto of 2004 is present in the campaign of 2012.  Herman Cain is working the entire country to present himself and his message.  It is working!

When we started DraftCain.org, people laughed.  Heck, some folks said I had a man crush on Cain.  Nah, there was appreciation for Cain, but at the end of the day, he’s a human being.  The advances in networking technology have made it incredibly important to connect the message to the people.  Facebook provides an unparalleled ability to ANY social networking site to broaden the message.  It maximizes every event Cain goes to, every news story, every thought, comment, video and demographic.

In March, our volunteers were on hand for the Faith and Freedom Coalition event in Iowa.  Reports to me were that the response was so overwhelming that other candidates spoke and immediately ducked out of the building and didn’t engage their supporters.  The following week, our supporters were on hand at Rep. Steve King’s Conservative Coalition event, delivering Cain a straw poll victory.  The list of successes of our network goes on and on.

We never solicited donations, we direct donors to Cain’s campaign, yet we’ve built a network of more than 25,000 strong across the U.S.  When people inquire about our organization and our activity I have to chuckle and tell them, “we’re nothing, but a whole lot of nothing”.   What we evolve into remains to be seen.  However, it is undeniable that DraftCain.org has been the most successful “draft” effort ever assembled for a “potential candidate”.

The entire apparatus of DraftCain.org, now ElectCain.com is completely autonomous of Herman Cain’s campaign.  It’s like target shooting in the dark, but we’ve been hitting bulls eyes every time.

I received an email from a soldier serving overseas just yesterday.   It reminded me of why we started this network in the beginning.   He wrote,  "after I complete my tour of duty … I will join his team to help Mr. Cain become our president 2013."  

Our purpose is simple, connect people.



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