DraftCain.org/ElectCain.com Update and National Conference Call


A little more than a year ago we began DraftCain.org for the simple purpose of connecting people and developing a support for Herman Cain, encouraging him to run for President.   We’re a year older  and 25,000 people strong still championing Cain’s message of common sense conservatism into Facebook and other social networking vehicles.

For the past 10 weeks Herman Cain has remained #1 in Gallup’s Positive Intensity poll.  I am convinced, due to the massive network and diligence of our volunteers that we are having a definitive impact on these numbers. 

“Among announced candidates, Cain has the strongest Positive Intensity Score, although his recognition among Republicans nationwide has yet to break the 50% barrier.”

I want to invite you to participate in some exciting  opportunities to expand this network and make our efforts more effective.  We definitely have the right candidate with the right message!

Sunday, July 31st at 4:30 PM EST, we will be holding a National Conference Call.  We’re encouraging as many volunteers as possible to call in.  We’ll be introducing Jamie Brazil, National Field Director for Friends of Herman Cain.  Mr. Brazil will provide a status of the campaign and specific items of need.  This is something you really won’t want to miss.

Conference Dial-in Number: (605) 477-3000
Participant Access Code: 309172#

Participant Feature Keys
*3 Exit – exit the call
*4 Instructions – conference instructions
*6 Mute/Unmute – caller controlled muting
This National Conference Call you’ll not want to miss. We’ll be introducing Jamie Brazil, National Field Director for Friends of Herman Cain. Mr. Brazil will be discussing the campaign and provide valuable direction for our volunteers.
Due to the volume of people on the call, there won’t be a lot of Q&A. If you have a specific question, please email me at mauriceatkinson@bellsouth.​net

DraftCain.org/ElectCain.com  Print Media Action Group

We’ve developed a group of volunteers, writers and bloggers who are skilled in rapid response work, writing letters to the editors of newspapers for printing purposes, reaching out to editors for interviews with Herman Cain, monitoring print media sites for activity involving Mr. Cain, blogging, contacting administrators of blog sites, ANYTHING involving the print media medium.

If you wish to participate, we’ll connect you with numerous print media outlets from across the country.  Click here to join our Facebook group.  http://www.facebook.com/groups/electcainpmg/

SUNDAY MORNING Last week we received a ton of media regarding Herman Cain’s mid 90’s Gospel CD.  I’ve received a lot of request inquiring where it could be purchased.  To my knowledge it is no longer being sold, however you can download in mp3 format here.


These are exciting times and the work you are doing is literally historical.  You’re helping redefine the business model of politics!

I’m certainly looking forward to working with you all over the next 12 months, helping Herman Cain seize the Republican nomination for president and ultimately winning in November 2012!

Think our country is ready for a problem solver?  Look at this.  Seems to me a lot of folks are interested in learning about a problem solver.


Best Regards,

Maurice Atkinson




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