Iowa Straw Poll

Today, at the Ames (Iowa) Straw Poll, the 2012 Republican nomination campaign kicked into high gear. While the main-stream-media will create a story that depicts today’s winner as the clear front-runner for the GOP nomination, that is not necessarily the truth.
History has shown that this contest is not indicative of the outcome of the actual caucus votes that truly matter in early 2012.  For example, George H.W. Bush won the straw poll in 1979, yet America went on to elect one of our greatest Presidents…Ronald Reagan.
I have said from the beginning that I would not buy a straw poll victory. We worked hard.  We organized. We turned our supporters out to the Straw Poll.  While I did not place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, I am happy with our strong placing.  I spent less money, had less name ID than the front runners, but our strong showing is evidence of the deep support for a non-politician problem solver who has the courage and conviction to change the way things work in Washington.  I beat better known, better funded politicians…including those who have held titles like Governor and Speaker of the House.
Straw Poll Results
Michelle Bachman – 4,823
Ron Paul – 4, 621
Tim Pawlenty – 2, 293
Rick Santorum – 1,657
Herman Cain – 1, 456
Rick Perry – 718
Mitt Romney – 567
Newt Gingrich – 385
Jon Huntsman – 69
Thaddeus McCotter – 35
Scattering – 162
Many individuals told our campaign workers they would have switched their votes had they had opportunity to vote after hearing my speech.  I truly believe that we will reach the top in the real Iowa caucuses (as well as in the nomination) as my name ID increases and my message of Common Sense Solutions spreads across America.
All in all, it was a good weekend, and we are looking forward to 2012. We have work to do. I need your support now more than ever. Please help us continue this effort.  Invite your friends to join the Cain Train!  Encourage five friends to volunteer for Herman Cain and please send a $5, $50, or $500 donation to help us continue our momentum.
Many times in my business career I was told that I would not succeed.  However, failure is not in my vocabulary.  Today’s results do not represent failure.  Our plan all along has been to build slowly and steadily to gain the nomination.
It’s been a long road to this point, and it is an even longer road to the first official ballots of the 2012 election.  If we stick together, and continue to work harder than everyone else…we will be victorious!
Thank you.

Herman Cain


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