New Hampshire Headquarters Grand Opening

MANCHESTER, N.H. — Presidential contender Herman Cain returned to the Granite State on Friday to open a new campaign headquarters in Manchester.

He met with supporters inside his new Elm Street offices and debuted a new economic plan he says will revive the economy.

In what he calls the “999 Plan,” Cain is proposing a major change to the tax code. If elected, Cain said he would institute a 9 percent national sales tax, a 9 percent individual income tax and a 9 percent business tax.

“What that ‘999 Plan’ does, is it expands the tax base, eliminates people paying payroll taxes and takes advantage of revenue we’re leaving on the table,” Cain said.

Cain will continue campaigning in the state tomorrow with stops in Dover, Durham, Portsmouth and New Castle.

In Dover, he is planning to hold a breakfast meeting at Weeks Restaurant on Locust Street. In Durham, he’ll hold a coffee meeting at Breaking New Grounds on Main Street. He’ll hold another meeting at the Friendly Toast in Portsmouth and speak to young Republicans in Newscatle around 2 p.m.

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2 thoughts on “New Hampshire Headquarters Grand Opening

  1. Mr. Cain, I aired video footage from your August 20, 2011 NH headquarters opening on my live, call-in television program, MPTS (Manchester Public Television Service). I was the old guy with the beard standing (videotaping) directly in front of you. The show airs “LIVE” on Manchester Channel 23 every Thursday at 2 PM. If you’d like to appear on the show call me at (603) 935-9148 or at TV station (603) 628-6099. Hope to hear from you, “RJ” Norton

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