Herman’s Weekly Commentary: "Mr. President, You’re Fired"

Herman’s Weekly Commentary: "Mr. President, You’re Fired"

Published: Sunday, August 21, 2011

Having served on the Board of Directors of several major corporations over the last twenty years, I have had the responsibility of voting to hire a new CEO, and voting to fire a current CEO many times. In both instances the decision was based on assessed potential and performance.
Directors hold CEOs responsible for results, and the prudent use of company resources such as cash, equity and human resources. Specific metrics are established for both annual and multi-year performance, which are evaluated in making the hire or fire decision.
If a CEO is underperforming and on the brink of being fired, then we look to see if he or she has identified the right problem, and, has established a plan of action to get things back on track. If the plan is convincing and the performance metrics were missed by a reasonable amount, then he or she would be given a specific amount of time to get back on track.
The Board has to decide what’s convincing, what’s reasonable and how much time should be allowed for a course correction. Then take action.
President Obama’s economic policies have failed unreasonably. He has no plan for a course correction. He has promised a plan for focusing on job creation since he has been in office. He has had over two and a half years to get it right, and now he wants a month to write another speech, following a three day bus tour that produced nothing but a bunch of photo-ops. We are not convinced we will hear anything new. A Board’s action would be unanimous.
Mr. President, you’re fired.
I realize that only the voters can fire President Barack Obama in November of 2012. But his performance and his potential plan for serious economic growth are not likely to change anything. The Board of Directors would have no choice.
But America has a choice. Elect Herman Cain president in 2012.
Here’s Phase 1 of my economic growth plan. It’s called the 9-9-9 plan.

  • A 9% business flat tax

Gross income less all investments, all purchases from other businesses,
and all dividends paid to shareholders.

  • A 9% individual income flat tax

Gross income less charitable deductions

  • A 9% national sales tax

This significantly expands the tax base which helps everybody.
This plan has the following advantages:

  • It is fair, revenue neutral, transparent and efficient
  • Zero tax on capital gains and repatriated profits
  • Replaces the payroll tax
  • Will aid capital availability for small businesses
  • Saves taxpayers $430 billion in annual compliance costs
  • It eliminates the uncertainty holding this economy down

Current economic conditions call for bold moves to boost and supercharge this economy. If we are in an economic recovery as the administration claims, this economy is still 6 million jobs below the worst recovery since the Great Depression. The latest evidence shows that we are still in economic decline.
This plan is bold and doable. It has been developed and analyzed by some of the best economic minds in the nation. Remember, I surround myself with good people. That’s the key to my success and it will continue to be.
I offer this plan to the president, the Congress and the “super committee”. I could wait until after I am elected president, but America can’t keep waiting.
Struggling businesses and fifteen million unemployed people can’t wait.
We need serious economic growth NOW! Please Mr. President, just do it! 


If you want to send the clear message to President Obama that Americans want a problem solving leader with Common Sense Solutions, support Herman Cain.

Friends of Herman Cain
PO Box 2158
Stockbridge Georgia 30281
United States


One thought on “Herman’s Weekly Commentary: "Mr. President, You’re Fired"

  1. Mr. Cain,

    Please consider an 18% sales tax and a 9% business tax rather than the 9-9-9 idea.

    The income tax propagates class-warfare between “income tax payers” and non “income tax payers”. The income tax, by its very nature, picks a select group of Americans to prop up government programs in lieu of treating everyone in a fair and equitable manner in regards to their own obligations to the government that serves them. Further, the income tax is unjust because income taxes rely on the honest reporting of annual income – and I hate to be the one to break this to you, but there are a LOT of people who either do not, or can not report their annual incomes in full.

    Do not add to the problem by giving the government another tax venue without removing the unfairness that already exists in the current tax code.

    Please review this article and consider the implications: http://theindependentrant.com/2011/05/30/a-game-of-you/

    Thank you.

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