Perry’s Letter To The Clintons’


The 1990’s were an interesting time in U.S. history.  We emerged from the decade of the 80’s, which had unparalleled growth, yet an economic recession ended the re-election of President George H.W. Bush.  The Clintons’ embarked on a big government agenda led by “Hillarycare”.  While congress debated the national healthcare plan and Clinton was challenged at a town hall meeting by an unknown business executive by the name of Herman Cain, Rick Perry was letter writing to Hillary supporting this huge government mandate. 

Seems to me the public has a strong appetite for less government not more of it.  And before the Perry loyalist excuse this little morsel of fact, consider also that Gov. Perry was the FIRST to get his letter to President Obama making certain Texans got their share of the government “stimulus”.(click to download)



While Cain was challenging Bill, Rick Perry was supporting Hillary!





 is not affiliated with Herman Cain, HITM (Hermanator’s Intelligent Thinkers Movement), WSB radio or any other entity. We are a volunteer, grassroots organization who appreciate and support the work of Herman Cain and are organizing and encouraging him in his run for President in 2012.


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