Smiles From The Campaign Trail

By: Karl Abrahamson, Arizona
Yesterday I met my neighbor for the first time, We just moved Aug. 1st, They are a very elderly couple, she was asking me about a power pole the power company dropped and left into our shared front yard. I let her I would be home all day so if someone needed to be in my backyard, I would take off the padlocks so they could work back there.
Anyway, I told her I was home all day and volunteering for a political campaign. She looked at me up and down then started to go back into her house and asked if I was really active; I said yes and I will have a yard sign in our front yard. She started to walk back into her house and then turned around and asked -Who do you support?
I said I was on the Elect Cain Leadership team, and she asked –Herman Cain? I said yes, I have several websites I built and working on another and active in promoting Herman Cain, she came running back out of her house and grabbed my hand and started shaking it hard and said -Thank you so much, we love him! – I think I made a new friend. Laughing out loud

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