A Message From Herman Cain

Dear Fellow Patriot,
I am personally asking each of you to reach out to at least one other person today.  I would like you to share three very important points with them.

  1. According to the most recent Rasmussen Poll, I am within 7% points of beating President Obama.  So, if we were in a one-on-one race, I would only be 7 points behind.  View the Rasmussen Reports Poll.
  2. Considering I only have 50% name ID, these polling numbers are incredible! The President has at least a 100% name ID!
  3. I continue to lead in the Gallup Poll’s positive intensity ranking.  Week after week, the numbers remain high, which proves that once people become acquainted with me and my candidacy, they become committed supporters.  Read about the positive intensity rankings.

Our strategy is working. With your help we can continue to build the momentum that will help us win the Republican nomination, and ultimately to defeat President Obama and bring common-sense, business friendly principles to the White House.

Thank you for what you have already done to help. Of course, if you are able, you can help with an additional donation.  But, I also need you to reach out to others and ask them to support us financially.  No campaign can succeed without funding.

As a Herman Cain supporter, you are already doing much to help this campaign. We also need you to continue to help spread the word that a problem solver with Common Sense Solutions is what is needed in the White House. Please introduce your friends to Herman Cain.

We can restore America’s greatness and protect the American Dream for future generations and our grandchildren. Please stand with me as I stand with you, fighting for the future of the USA.  Thank you.
-Herman Cain       

P.S. Watch me on Cavuto at 4:00 pm ET today to discuss my 9-9-9 plan – Cain’s Vision for Economic Growth.

You can also help by taking our "September PUSH Challenge" Click here to learn more.


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