Get Registered! What are you waiting for?


For the past two years we’ve been weaving a network of supporters across the U.S. as a “Draft” effort. We have tapped nearly 30,000 individual activists, organizers and volunteers. Our goal is to escalate our activist base to more than 100,000 by the primaries.

We really need your help. It’s not difficult or time consuming. It really is simple and proven effective. If you haven’t already, please register at We do not spam or solicit funds, we are building our base of activists, organizers and volunteers to be able to effectively impact Cain’s efforts.

Periodically we’ll send out action item requests or provide you with information regarding a Cain event in your area so that we can maximize the Cain campaign efforts.

Facebook is the most powerful organizational tool available, but even Facebook has its limitations. The next few weeks are going to be incredibly busy and we want to connect the right people with events that are pertinent to them. Please consider registering today!

Thank You for all you do!!!

Maurice Atkinson



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