Turnaround Artist

Fellow Patriots,
Tonight, I participated in the FOX News/ Google debate in Orlando, Florida. Here, I detailed my record of more than 40 years of job creation in the private sector and my "common sense solutions" to restore fiscal sanity to government.

Of all the candidates competing for the Republican nomination for President, I believe I’m the most qualified to clean up the financial mess we’re in. After all, I earned the nickname of "turnaround artist," after rescuing major corporations from financial ruin and saving thousands of jobs.

Take, for example, Godfather’s Pizza. The company was expected to go bankrupt, but I didn’t get the memo! In just 14 months, I took the company from the brink of bankruptcy to profitability. Today, Godfather’s is still open for business at more than 600 locations around the U.S.! Now, that’s what I call a turnaround!
Also, consider my time at Pillsbury. While serving as the corporation’s youngest vice president, I took on the responsibility of overseeing the Pillsbury World Headquarters Project. Before I took over, the project was significantly over-budget and behind schedule. Under my leadership, we finished the project ahead of schedule and below budget. Again, another turnaround!

Friends, this country is in dire financial straits. Our debt– the heavy burden we will pass on to our children and grandchildren– exceeds $14 trillion dollars, and this President shows no signs of slowing down. American workers are begging for jobs. They want to provide for their families and save for their dreams.
You have many candidates from which you can choose for the next President of the United States. This person should have the experience, the values and the vision to return our government to its Constitutional limits and our people to the freedoms bestowed upon us by God.

But to save this country, we can’t just tinker around the edges. We need a turnaround.

If you believe that I am the turnaround artist this country needs, please help us tell America. Your donation, no matter the size, will help our campaign share my experience, values and vision in every corner of this great country. Please, give $5, $10, $25 or even $2,500, to help us turn our country around.

Thank you for your continued prayers, support and generosity.

Standing with you,

Herman Cain
P.S. Our federal government needs a turnaround to ensure the renewal of America. It starts with replacing the resident of the White House. If you believe it’s time to restore this country to the greatness of our founding, contribute what you are able today.

Friends of Herman Cain
PO Box 2158
Stockbridge Georgia 30281
United States


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