Support Steve Foley (R-CA) For Congress!

I hope I can count on your support?

Friends of Steve Foley is an exploratory committee to "test the waters" and see if we can gain enough support and raise the proper amount of funding to run for United States Representative in the newly formed California District 47 which is an open seat due to re-redistricting.

As a Trusted Conservative my focus would be stopping the liberal agenda in Washington DC and to get America working again!

Economy and Jobs: Getting our fiscal house in order by supporting a Balanced Budget Amendment, Cutting Spending, Replacing our antiquated Tax Code, Removing overburdening Restrictions & Red Tape, and becoming Energy Independent.

Repealing ObamaCare: ObamaCare will devastate our already week economy to a point of no return and will burden future generations of Americans to pay for a bill that has little to no chance of success. The best solution would to get the federal government as far away from Health Care as possible but while we work to achieve that goal here are some immediate fixes we can accomplish in a relatively short amount of time:

Medical Liability & Tort Reform.
Small business buying pools.
Allow insurance to be sold across state lines.
Border Security: The way to tackle the illegal immigration problem we’re facing is to make federal government do their job! I would advocate for:
Securing our Boarders
Enforcing the laws that are already on the books
Promoting a path to citizenship for those who come in the front door
Removing the magnets that draw illegal immigrants here in the fist place

For all these reasons and many, many more… I would be truly honored to have your support in this endeavor and I’d be extremely humbled to represent my district as a United States Congressman in Washington DC!

Please help by making a Donation, signing up to Volunteer, or Pledging your support.
Thank you,
Steve Foley


2 thoughts on “Support Steve Foley (R-CA) For Congress!

  1. Am a Volunteer on TeamCain. Communicate alot with TeamCain California State Leaders. Maurice Atkinson’s support for you says it all for me. Even though I live In Virginia, would be happy to help connect you with 1000 TeamCain California Volunteers. We ALL know we need conservative couragous principled People like you in Congress. Please let us know how to help. ken brolin

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