Herman Cain’s Upcoming Schedule

Friday, October 21


9:00 a.m. ET:                                       Economic Renewal Rally

                                                                Detroit’s Historic Train Station

                                                                2405 West Vernor Hwy

                                                                Detroit, MI


11:00 a.m. ET:                                    Small Business Employrment Zones Conference

                                                                Cobo Center

                                                                1 Washington Blvd

                                                                Detroit, MI


Saturday, October 22


7:00 p.m. CT:                                      11th Annual Fall Dinner/ Presidential Forum

                                                                Iowa State Fairgrounds

                                                                East 33rd and University

                                                                Des Moines, Iowa


Monday, October 24


11:30 a.m. CT:                                    FOHC Lunch


                                                                65 E Wacker Pl

                                                                Chicago, IL


7:30 p.m. ET:                                      Aviation Business Roundtable


                                                                1250 South Hayes St.

                                                                Arlington, VA 22202


Thursday, October 27    


6:00 p.m. CT:                                      38th Annual Lincoln Day Dinner

                                                                Holiday Inn Convention Center

                                                                1500 South 48th Street

                                                                Springdale, AR 72762

Friday, October 28


                                                                Tour through Alabama


Saturday, October 29


8:30 a.m. CT:                                      GOP leaders breakfast


                                                                Tuscaloosa, AL


10:00 a.m. CT:                                    West Alabama State Straw Poll

                                                                Bryant Conference Center

                                                                240 Paul Bryant Drive

Tuscaloosa, AL 35487


Monday, October 31


12:30 p.m. ET:                                    National Press Club Luncheon

                                                                Holeman Lounge

                                                                529 14th St. NW

                                                                Washington, DC




2 thoughts on “Herman Cain’s Upcoming Schedule

  1. I am Praying to God that Herman Cain Comes To Hot Springs, Arkansas within 2 Months! God Willing I Am Going to Have a Herman Cain Office and Plaster Hot Springs with As Much As I Can of Herman Cain, Everything! I Am Doing Everything I Can with Mark, Husband to Get Herman Cain to The White House as Our 45th. President – January 6th, 2013! Peace Be Unto You and God Bless! Jane

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