Robert Stacy McCain:

Expanding on an earlier theme at the Hot Air Green Room:

… Notice that there are 10 days separating New Hampshire (Romney’s must-win state) and South Carolina (Perry’s must-win state). If we assume that Mitt wins his must-win, Perry would be under extreme pressure in South Carolina, and the pressure would be even worse if Perry fares poorly in Iowa. And if recent poll numbers are any indication, Perry could fare very poorly indeed in the Hawkeye State:

Public Policy Polling (Oct. 7-10) ………….. Perry 9% (4th place)
Insider Advantage (Oct. 16) ……………….. Perry 6% (6th place)
University of Iowa (Oct. 12-19) …………… Perry 6% (5th place)
Rasmussen (Oct. 19) …………………………. Perry 7% (6th place)

Can the Perry campaign afford for their candidate to finish fourth, fifth or sixth in Iowa? No way, José. They don’t necessarily have to win it, but if Perry finishes as far back as fourth in Iowa on Jan. 3, it’s unlikely he will do much better in New Hampshire on Jan. 10. By the time the South Carolina primary rolls around on Jan. 21, the media will have been doing “death watch” reports on the Perry campaign for more than two weeks. If Perry then underperforms in “must-win” South Carolina, there will be another ten days of “death watch” coverage before the crucial Florida primary on Jan. 31. Romney is reputedly strong in Nevada, so by the time votes are counted there on Feb. 4, Perry could be batting .200 in the first five nominating events, and perhaps even 0-for-5 if he were somehow to lose his “must-win” state. …




  1. Rick Perry is not interested in what we the people want or think, he is too busy attempting to re-write history on his positions and voting record. On Hillarycare, he thought it was a great idea and BTW Hillarycare included taxpayer funded abortions. Oh yeah, he also wanted taxpayers dollars to cover Mexican nationals healthcare. And college funding for illegals?

    Note to team Perry y’all are running for president of the USA not Mexico.

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