You’re Making A Difference!

Two years ago we embarked on a journey with an idea, to create an organization that would help provide the necessary leverage for what is happening today.  We began a “Draft Herman Cain for Presidlocation2ent” effort.  We waded through the chuckles and the scoffing of “professional politicians” but kept our focus.  Today this movement is massive.  Our organization has spawned nearly 50,000 volunteers, supporters and organizers that are working tirelessly to give Herman Cain the leverage he needs to win the nomination and ultimately the presidency.  We’ve done this on grit and determination.

As with any cause or movement, we are evolving and gaining enormous momentum, which is going to position us to move into a whole new level of effectiveness.  We’ve done this on ZERO dollars but literally thousands of hours connecting with you and others!   We say THANK YOU!  While the talking heads wrote off Herman Cain’s candidacy, we didn’t. 

As we move into our next phase of this movement, please continue to share with your family, friends and contacts.  Your voices will make them hear.



4 thoughts on “You’re Making A Difference!

  1. Awesome post! I am so energized, and feel fortunate to be a part of this historical grass roots campaign for a person such as Mr. Cain who truly can bring America back so we can all move forward!
    BTW – great video, too :-D!

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