Have A Cain Roadside Rally In Your Area!!

roadside rallyWe received this from one of our volunteers from New Jersey!   She says, “We have done this (just started doing this for Cain) for 2 yrs. every single Sunday. Usually tea party flavor signs…we decided to make them Cain rallies until ….well, he is elected!”

This is the kind of ingenuity that will carry Herman Cain to the nomination! 

Please share you pictures of your activity and events!  Hot smile




road rally 2


4 thoughts on “Have A Cain Roadside Rally In Your Area!!

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  2. yes I and my daughter we will get together and I have people who are Herman Cain supporters, I want to get in done in 10 days and get a big group also from Vandenberg air force base, the local business to put some signs in the windows , For instance a restaurant owner wants to make her poster and put in in the window, So I am getting feared up, I spoke with my daughter and we go to our tea party meeting every week, But i don’t know when we will be having a rally, I gave the first speech in Fresno 2 years ago we had 5000 people and the media showed up, It was great, but I can get people together, Kudos to Jersey Patriots they are getting the message out, I would love for Mr, Cain to come up with all New Jersey. great and fantastic for the dedicated people who tirelessly put in the time, Herman Cain he is attacked and still does not waver that is leadership, none of the candidates have qualities of greatness, he possesses these, We are so blessed that now in History greatness has come now when America is in crisis a problem crisis solver, Thank GOD finally,

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