Perry Campaign Used Politico to Attack Cain With Anonymous Sexual Harassment Charges

November 2, 2011:
For Immediate Release
Perry Campaign Used Politico to Attack Cain With Anonymous Sexual Harassment Charges
Atlanta, GA—
A Forbes Magazine column by Richard Miniter reported on Nov. 2  links Governor Rick Perry’s political campaign to the spread of malicious allegations this week against Republican presidential frontrunner Herman Cain.

"Cain Says Perry Camp Behind Sex Harassment Leak" by Richard Miniter

“The American people deserve better than these underhanded tactics by the Perry campaign. And Rick Perry owes Mr. Cain’s family an apology. A desperate candidate is trying to steal the Republican nomination away from Mr. Cain,” said Mark Block, Chief of Staff to the Herman Cain presidential campaign.  “Since Politico released an attack story based on anonymous accusers, which was almost certainly provided to them by the Rick Perry campaign,  Mr. Cain has taken the honorable path – he has been upfront and honest with the American people.”

Meanwhile, Cain supporters showed an increased commitment to Mr. Cain by providing him a second consecutive record-breaking fundraising day on Tuesday, Nov. 1, surpassing Monday’s new record.

Block said, “The American people – and Herman Cain’s family – deserve better than these types of deceitful attacks by politicians. It’s precisely this political mentality of infighting by politicians that is keeping America from solving the problems of job creation and border security. Fortunately, Herman Cain is no politician – he’s a problem solver. Even amongst these attacks we’re redoubling our efforts and not allowing these distracters to take us off course.  This swelling of public support will help Herman continue spreading his message of real leadership and real problem solving across the country. “

Perry’s campaign has recently faced sinking poll numbers and has consistently placed behind Herman Cain in the rankings in recent weeks.
For More Information:
J.D. Gordon, Vice President of Communications
Friends of Herman Cain, Inc.

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