Stand With Cain!

Maurice Atkinson,

I’ve known Herman Cain for nearly a decade. Mr. Cain has been an honorable and decent human being who has worked tirelessly to make a positive difference in his world. In fact, Cain is a rare commodity; he makes things happen as opposed to waiting on the powers that be to create one’s paradigm.

Earlier this year I had a phone conversation with him and indicated he would be swimming in the sewer before he began to soar. At the time, I had no clue how prophetic those words were. Herman Cain will outwork just about anyone to reach his goal, it’s in his DNA. He set his goal high and has been working like the election were tomorrow to promote his vision.

At the starting gate all the players and power brokers laughed indicating he would have no chance. Actually, this is the first attempt to stymie anyone who is pursuing a worthy goal. You see it every day. This is to be expected.

Then the dirty tricks begin, which are meant to not necessarily to hurt him, but to thwart his ability to gain traction. These are the whisper rumors that you hear like; he’s broke and won’t be able to raise enough donations to be viable. Politicians and politicos are great at pontificating what a candidate should do. They’re also great at providing pious platitudes suggesting the wonderful you are, all the while stabbing you in the back. That’s how politicians work. I’ve seen it happen to Cain in the 2004 election for the U.S. Senate. One Georgia State Senator approached me and said how much they like Cain, but they really wished he would run for a County Commission or a State House seat….

Now that Cain has catapulted in the polls, defying all the odds, the big guns come out. What people need to understand is that Herman Cain isn’t running for Mayor. These are high stakes. There are coalitions of both Democrats and Republicans that want nothing to do with a Cain candidacy, let alone the prospects of a Cain presidency. Cain challenges their power base. For God sake’s he’s talking about replacing the tax code and creating empowerment zones, which will challenge the multi-national business barons.

Does anyone realize just how much corruption and political payoffs are built in to the code? It didn’t become an 8 million word mess without it lining some elitist’s wallet… They’re pissed off and will do anything to stop him.

This is now an all-out contest of will. Will you stand with Herman Cain?


13 thoughts on “Stand With Cain!

    • I don’t believe any of these allegations. The gal on TV yesterday with the attorney, that all sounded VERY scripted to me. She still could have went to the Rest. Assoc. and lodged a complaint against Mr. Cain working there or not. Not 12 years later? Really? Does it matter now?
      No. She just wants her name on TV and thinking she may get famous. Well look at what happens to people like her.
      The same as what happened to the rest.
      She was probably not very good at her job.
      Why don’t SHE have to prove her allegations that Mr. Cain actually did these things.
      Holler rape and it’s up to the accused to prove he didn’t do that? Please! Prove he did these things and I will apologize to you.

  1. Yes, Herman Cain has principle and the ability to inspire; a modern Ronald Reagan. We need to defend and support him in the midst of this media onslaught on his character; Be strong and courageous!

  2. The liberal machine will always tell us who they are afraid of. The fact that they’ve leveled their big guns at Herman Cain, reinforces my initial judgement. America needs to hire Herman Cain to save one more failing enterprise, the United States of America.

  3. Ad Campaign Idea: “Herman Touched Me”

    Run a series of ads beginning, Herman Touched Me. The ad would then cut to testimonials, by mostly women, recounting how Herman has touched their lives, and hearts. They could then follow up by stating how Herman’s polices would touch the lives of Americans.

    The “Herman Touched Me” intro would pull every eyeball in the room, every time it’s shown. This ad series would reduce the baseless allegations to what they are, a joke, and allow the campaign the fuel it needs to get past the issue.

    I know there are many serious professionals working on this, but they are all under a huge amount of stress, and may not be as “outside of the box” as this situation may require.

    At the service of all that is good,

    Brian Urban

  4. Both sides cannot afford to have an outsider (Cain) win.They would not be able to control him, which is why we need him.
    I suggest to President Cain that he call on his Faith to help control anger. They are capable of the most heinous acts and will do anything to frame him in a bad light. Humans can only take so much bullying. This race is for the person who is able to transcend the evil that does not put our country first.
    I also suggest this campaign not use any labels. The term “elitist” tells me you group people you do not know.

  5. Absolutely, without a doubt I stand with Herman Cain!!! If this whole escapade wasn’t so sickening, it would be funny because Herman is making the establishment and liberals head explode!! Go Herman!!!!

  6. Mr. Cain, remember: Deuteronomy31:6 “Be strong and of a good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them: for the LORD thy god, he it is that doth go with thee: he will not fail thee, nor forsake thee.”

  7. I have said for many months that Herman Cain would be the nominee, it would be by a landslide, that he would be the next President by a landslide. I have never wavered in that belief and I am now, after the last 10 days, even more confident!

  8. I sent $65.00 for a herman cain package ,bumper sticker,ETC.I have not received it yet. When I recieve I will contribute more money.

    • Hi Ted,

      I ordered 5 yard signs from the Cain campaign. It did take a while for them to arrive but I did receive them. I hope the delay is the large number of orders they are receiving 🙂

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