TRUTH Shines!

The software analyzes the stress level and other factors in your voice.  During the speech, when Cain denied the claims, the lie detector read "low risk."  According to Ward, that means Cain is telling the truth. (Read the whole story here)

John 8: 32 says “The truth will set you free”.   Of course, the apostle is writing of spiritual matters, but truth is an amazing thing.  People try to thwart it, bend it and manipulate it, but truth remains.

While some operatives loyal to candidates and the Obama machine have unleashed an attack on Herman Cain using covert racism and sexual deviancy as their point of attack, Cain’s response has been nothing short of spectacular.  He did not bend, fold or buckle.   Herman Cain has a titanium spine and a heart of gold.  The gutter political operatives have failed, yet they will try again.

CBS Atlanta has run a story that vindicates Cain of the latest attack.   Please watch and share with your friends.

Make no mistake about it, there are coalitions that want to stop Herman Cain.   His bold agenda isn’t about “reforming” the tax code, which all of his competitors are advocating.  He is proposing REPLACING with a transparent system.  There are literal billions of embedded corruption in the tax code.  Cain and his agenda shake the very foundations of this corruption.

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