Message To Liars

Get your story straight before you attempt to destroy a decent person.  Better yet, just don’t do it.  For the past two weeks the left, with willing participants on the right and competing campaigns, have vigorously worked to undermine the credibility of Herman Cain.  In fact, they have attempted to destroy his character. 

When the facts emerged regarding these women, the media crooned “but surely four women couldn’t have been lying”.   Uh, yeah they are. 

There are some pretty vicious people in this world.  We’ve pointed out that Cain isn’t running for Mayor, he’s running for president.  Cain is the only candidate that has presented a bold economic agenda that makes dramatic, longstanding changes in the tax code that will benefit ALL Americans.  The current tax code has billions of embedded corruption and the beneficiaries want nothing to do with a Cain candidacy, let alone a Cain presidency.

As the accusers stories unravel, it reveals their own sordid tails of sexual dysfunctionalism and financial chaos, which presents a tremendous motive for making this score.  Surely there is a money trail in all of this….

This just in from WLS-TV, Chicago:

‘Fiance’ of Cain accuser now ‘ex-fiance’

Chuck Goudie
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November 9, 2011 (CHICAGO) (WLS) — A northwest suburban man says he needs to clear the air after coming to the support of his fiancee, who accuses GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain of making a sexual play for her.

For starters, Sharon Bialek isn’t his fiancee, said Mark Harwood in an exclusive interview on Wednesday night.

"We were engaged last year in June but I think there have been some assumptions that Sharon still lives here in Mundelein with me" Harwood told the I-Team. "Sharon and her son moved out in February of this year and now live in their own home … so effectively we’re no longer engaged."

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On Monday, when Ms. Bialek was the first of Cain’s alleged groping victim’s to go public, Harwood was contacted by news organizations trying to find out information about her. He did numerous interviews during which he was referred to as her fiancé. "I made reference to the fact that we were engaged and got engaged last June, 2010 and I think the assumption then-we were still engaged. I think most people seemed to be under the belief that Sharon lived [in my house] but she’s not here."

Even though photos of Bialek still hang on his walls, Harwood says that she and her son live in a Glenview townhome-one that he does not own.

"I’ve never supported her financially in the four years that we were together" he said on Wednesday night, attempting to set the record straight after some reports had him supporting Ms. Bialek. The I-Team first reported on Monday that Bialek had serious financial problems and had filed for personal bankruptcy on two occasions.  (Read More)



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