Herman Cain: Modern Day Moses!

By: Rev. Dale Silvers

Herman has often said he thought of himself as Moses leading the children of Israel out of Egypt and bondage into the land that flowed with milk and honey! As we think about the analogy it sounds nifty but many of Herman’s supporters really don’t understand the battles they faced.

  • Moses was resisted by Pharaoh 10 times (equates to disbelief status quo or captivity is challenged)
  • Children of Israel left with the wealth of Egypt (regained lost wages of 400 years equates to dumping the Tax Code)
  • Battles of leaving crossing the Red Sea (seemingly no way escape but Moses led and God..)
  • Doubt and a clamor to return to Egypt (equates to accepting a politician versus fighting i.e. lack of water etc)
  • Battles of the journey (11 day journey but disbelief led to 40 years of wondering until all doubters died off)

Moses now 80 years old but the battles needed young general Joshua 40 years old but inexperienced (Herman is the leader but the generals in the field have to be young and fit for battle even though inexperienced)

  • One of the first battles in the desert was determined by the support of Aaron and Hur (Moses arms when uplifted Joshua and the children of Israel would win but Moses’ arms got heavy and when lowered the battle would be won by Amalek)
  • Moses was the leader but Aaron and Hur were Moses supporters (Aaron and Hur held up Moses arms so the battle could be won)

The Cain Train Campaign has crossed the Red Sea and we are in the desert and the battles are here. The battle to regain our FREEDOMS, to take back of our earned WEALTH and implementing 9-9-9 and eventually the FAIR TAX are here.

Herman has the vision and without a vision the people perish but Herman needs many supporters to be the Aaron and Hur of the Battle Field as we march toward the Promised Land. The battle of Rephidim was in a Valley meaning "resting places." Moses stood on the top of a hill and as Aaron and Hur lifted (supported) his arms the battle was won.

We are in a valley and the visionary (Herman) needs some Joshua’s (generals) and a lot of Aaron and Hur supporters. The valley of resting place is a symbol of America accepting the status quo or fighting the battle so the future generations our children and grandchildren can live in the Promised Land of Milk and Honey!

Over the 40 years of wondering in the wilderness (which was not necessary except for he doubters and complainers who would not fight) until they died off so Joshua and Aaron could lead in the Promised Land. In other words we are going to loose supporters but they are the dead weight that slows the process of possessing the land and winning the battles.

There are people who do not want Herman Cain in the White House because they possess the land and will let pretenders come through and act as though they are trying to possess the land but in reality are part of the problem.

There is a saying in the financial services field if you are confused about how to invest your money (your life) they person doing the investing for you controls your money and you!! People are destroyed and in captivity because of a lack of knowledge, Herman is educating America how to control our own destiny versus having it controlled. Are you ready to fight and lay it on the line not for Herman but for your future? The false accusations are the vilest way to side track people and destroy the messenger DO NOT FALL FOR THE GARBAGE BEING DUMPED ON YOUR FUTURE HOPES AND DREAMS OF FREEDOMS!

Adopted in Congress

4 July 1776

And for the support of this declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our "sacred honor."






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