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Chris Melton, Rowlett, Tx

Leadership,Integrity,Trust,Faith,Hope,Dicipline,Structure,Honor….Etc. This is the Character that I see when I look at Herman Cain. A fighter with strength to beat Obama, whom by the way, share none of these great and aspiring qualities of character. Yes we Cain!!!!

3474 of 3474   |   Posted 2011-11-30 12:31:23 MST

Dan Fox, Houston, TX

I stand with Herman Cain and his family 100%. The spear campaign aginst him will not sway my judgement. This campaign my be down, butit is not out and WE the people are behind you so stay strong.

3473 of 3474   |   Posted 2011-11-30 12:28:32 MST

Doug Tucker, Brooklyn, NY

Stay strong Mr. Cain…you have the love and support of many of us who believe in you and know you are the right man at the right time to help lead our country through these most difficult times. Don’t lose heart, if God is for you, who can be against you?

3472 of 3474   |   Posted 2011-11-30 12:27:31 MST

Belinda turner, Lapeer, MI

Keep you chin up, Mr. Cain, eyes on God.

3471 of 3474   |   Posted 2011-11-30 12:19:09 MST

Virginia Boyd, Calera, AL

Remember you are not alone in this. We believe in you and what you are trying to do.

3470 of 3474   |   Posted 2011-11-30 12:13:23 MST

Dee-Dee Stolhand, Austin, TX

God bless you and your family, Mr. Cain. Stay strong and continue to fight. We need you and your strong conservative values in the White House. America is at a critical tipping point, and I believe you are the man who is up to the arduous task of getting our country back on the right track.

3469 of 3474   |   Posted 2011-11-30 12:13:02 MST

Joshua Craft, Kerrville, TX

Stand strong sir. We are YOUR army.

3468 of 3474   |   Posted 2011-11-30 12:09:28 MST

Lisa Connor, Monroe, Ga

Keep up the fight Herman, we’re with you and would be proud to call you Mr. President!!!

3467 of 3474   |   Posted 2011-11-30 12:07:20 MST

Beth Tucker, Statesville, NC

Mr. Cain…people who know you believe in you…people who think for themselves believe in you…true Christians will support you because we know that you are an honorable man…your wife will continue to support you because she loves you and knows the man that you are better than anyone else. This country needs you desperately!! Stay the course. Keep your head high. Know that you are loved!!

3466 of 3474   |   Posted 2011-11-30 12:06:25 MST

Stella Mourer, Huffman, TX

We are supporting you from TEXAS!

3465 of 3474   |   Posted 2011-11-30 12:05:07 MST

Paula Harper, Ozark, MO

That Fat lady hasn’t sung yet!! Hold on!! Praying for God to pave the way and reveal the liars for what they are.

3464 of 3474   |   Posted 2011-11-30 12:03:07 MST

Julia Lundquist, Fountain Inn, SC

Mr. Cain, We believe in you and for what you stand. We know the left-wing media and others are trying to convince you to drop out, but you know as we do that it would be a mistake to do so. Stand strong, hold the line….we’re behind you!!!

3463 of 3474   |   Posted 2011-11-30 11:59:01 MST

Teresa Hancock, Evansville, IN

"Stand firm. Let nothing move you…."

3462 of 3474   |   Posted 2011-11-30 11:41:05 MST

Daniel Wilson, Port Richy, FL

Mr Cain your troops are ready….We need to expose the Liberal Press to the country so we can expose them for who they are. We are behind you all the way and we will win this Election and expose the Media and those responsible for these actions….

3461 of 3474   |   Posted 2011-11-30 11:39:06 MST

Bryan Hamilton, Lake Stevens, WA

Stay strong, Mr. Cain! You are the last non- "Washington Insider" we have left. Your influence on the race goes beyond winning the nomination.

3460 of 3474   |   Posted 2011-11-30 11:38:48 MST

Angi Smith, Belmond, IA

You had us from hello!

3459 of 3474   |   Posted 2011-11-30 11:37:22 MST


20 thoughts on “Stand With Cain! Sign the Petition!

  1. The media is scared of Cain because they know he’s right on the issues. That’s why they haven’t criticized his credentials; they continue to resort to petty, false ad hominem attacks, which conveniently seem to continually be modified to deal with public criticism of the attacks.
    – Cain doing well in the polls because he’s spot on with the issues? Controversy time!
    – Don’t like the anonymous person accusing Cain of “inappropriate comments?” Have a face and a crotch-grabbing accusation!
    – Don’t believe Cain would do that, and think that someone in the NRA is behind it? Have a torrid affair with someone who isn’t part of the NRA!
    – Next they’ll either try to trot out a fake “blue dress” argument, or (in reference to the fact that Cain was dealing with stage 4 cancer during the time of this alleged affair) they’ll allege multiple affairs in his youth.
    They can’t win on the issues. Surprise, surprise; they’re spending all their time trying to unfairly tear people with fake stories down instead of addressing their own problems (like being out of touch with America).

  2. Mr. Cain, politics is a very dirty business and the dirtiest players hate you for what you stand for. You are an outsider and a man that thinks for himself. You are not one “their boys” and they will do whatever they can to smear you and your family. Please hang in there and do the best thing for you and your family. Good luck and Godspeed!

  3. I support Herman Cain for President of the United States. He has my full commitment. I have zero reservations and infinite trust in this good man. Every extra ounce of time, treasure, and “tinder” (energy) I have shall go to his campaign. Herman Cain, please stay the course. Dear Lord in Heaven, Bless Herman Cain. Bless Gloria Cain. Bless their family. Bless these great United States, and bless the world that looks to us as a beacon of liberty and responsibility…so well represented by the gentleman from Georgia. And Lord, if it be Thy will, bring Herman Cain into the White House to restore this nation into a promised land to be home and hope for all people of good will. HurryCain…Hurry to the White House!

  4. Mr. Cain, please don’t forget, you have hardworking, honest, very smart, God fearing Americans behind you 110%., you sir our our only chance at getting our country back!! we need you!

  5. Mr Cain, I repeat, I am with you through November. One way or another, Herman Cain will be my ballot choice for president.

  6. I FULLY support Mr. Cain….. He has shown strength and dignity through this smear campaign. (Democrats? Frightened Republicans?) He continues to have my vote in the great State of Mississippi.

  7. Sending hugs and prayers to your wife and family to stay strong….we need you Herman Cain….stay the course….we are here for you…

  8. I stand with Herman Cain and his family 100%. The smear campaign aginst him will not sway my judgement. We are behind you so stay strong.

  9. Upon returning back home to MN from the 8-28 Restoring Honor Rally in D.C. in 2010, out of nowhere, I thought of you as our next President Mr. Cain. Some may call it chance or a coincidence, but I found some Divinity in it. I know a true person when I see one and not only is this about the kids and grandkids, but about the nieces and nephews. I cannot have kids (cancer) but I’ll tell you what…I want my nieces and nephews to grow up with a President who not only inspires them but also believes in them and in their potential. You are that person Herman and I have been, and will continue, to share your message wherever I go. I wish I knew a hundred people like you throughout my life. Love ya Herman and God bless.

  10. I will stand with,for what ever is needed!I Support you, and your actions Mr. Cain. You have my Vote In Tennessee!the media should all apologize and even obama’s ppl for trying to plant this garbage. Good beats out evil, and you sir have beaten whatever they are trying to throw at you.I would like to thank Micheal Savage for showing support towards you for all of the slander going on, he day in and day out brings the evil deeds to everyone’s attention.Cain in 2012

  11. I stand with Herman Cain. Smoke out these smear merchants. Hold them accountable and make them famous. Go counter-cultural. Tell the Ovomit mania media to go fly a kite!

  12. Herman Cain is the only clear choice for our country to lead us out of the most destructive 4 years of unqualified, so called leadership this great nation has ever seen.
    The smear campaign angainst him only goes to prove this point. The far left has devoted so much time and effort into ruining this man that he has to be the only true choice!
    Stand tall and true Herman and we well stand with you!

  13. Herman Cain touched me.

    He touch my life, and the lives of many when he decided to take a stand against the Washington elite, and the destructive forces currently governing our nation. Please share a thought on how Herman, or his campaign, has touched your life, or the lives of others.

    God Bless Herman Cain

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