It’s not journalism


Posted on 01 December 2011. Tags: Anne Coulter, CBS News online, Ginger White, Good Morning America, he Washington Post, herman cain, Mychal Massie, Stephanopoulos, The Daily Mail, the daily rant, The LA Times, The New York Times

It’s not journalism

I’m not sure George Stephanopoulos was ever a true journalist, but for the sake of argument let’s say he was. With that admission, any semblance of a journalistic integrity went out of the window with his interview of Ginger White, the poor, confused, train wreck of a woman, on Good Morning America.

Stephanopoulos asked White: “Has [Herman Cain] given you money?” White acknowledged that Herman had. She was then asked “On what occasions?” White replied that she had received “gifts and money for the last two and a half years consistently.” To which she was then asked: “Did [Herman] ask anything in return for that money?” White’s reply: “No. This was nothing-this was not sex for cash.”

Stop!! Stop the bleeping press!! What was it for then? Here is where journalistic integrity should have kicked in – the very next question should have been “What was it for?” But instead, he immediately asked about the phone calls.

Look, you know I like Herman Cain, but I also owe you and my worldwide audience the respect of journalistic integrity. You trust me to give you the unvarnished truth, however painful and uncomplimentary. I’m a writer of opinion, but that doesn’t change my obligation to you, that I maintain my high level of honesty when presenting said opinions. Stephanopoulos left same in the shredder with his unused commentaries.

I submit he didn’t pursue the money White was given, because he didn’t want the viewers to get the idea that Herman was telling the truth when he said he had just helped her financially. Let’s jump ahead for a moment – she claimed further along in the interview that: “And, you know, have I had financial problems? Absolutely. Have I ever been evicted? Never.”

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