Herman ‘Cain,’ but America Won’t

From our good friend Mychal Massie

Posted on 03 December 2011. Tags: herman cain, Herman Cain Drops Out, Mychal Massie, the daily rant

Herman ‘Cain,’ but America Won’t

After the loss of his leader, the disciple Peter said, “I go fishing.” (John 21:3) Earlier today, that’s the way I felt as I slid into what should have been the comforting, swirling, water of my spa. Herman’s suspension of his campaign, was painful. I’ve been around politics for a long time, I know the seamy, ugly side of it. I know that truth doesn’t matter in politics – it’s about perception and who can tell a lie with conviction the most often. I love my spa, but today the water just didn’t feel as good.

It was then that I thought of Peter, in the midst of his sadness he sought to do that which had brought him solace in his past. He wanted to get away and to forget. He was hurt, and I’m certain he was feeling alone, wondering what the future held, wondering how people could be not just cruel, but so exuberantly anti-truth. It is here that I should make it expressly clear that I am in no way comparing Herman Cain’s decision, to Jesus at Calvary – I am comparing on a lesser level the feeling and emotions to someone being wronged.

Peter spent the night on the water fishing, but come morning he had nothing to show for his efforts, but that promptly changed when a stranger on the shore, told him to cast on the other side of the boat and there they would find fish. Interesting how things work, but as I stepped out of my spa and moved toward the shower, I thought of Joseph and Potiphar’s wife. (Genesis 39)

Potiphar was an Egyptian officer and captain of Pharaoh’s guard. But, Potiphar’s wife was not an honorable woman and having no regard for her husband, for Joseph, and certainly none for herself, she attempted to do what those like her do. You know how the rest of the account goes, Joseph resisted her advances, and as he fled from her, she was left with a piece of his garment in her hand, which she used to establish her complaint to Potiphar, that Joseph had attempted to have his way with her.

Joseph, who had been sold into slavery, and had worked his way up from obscurity, was now scorned and imprisoned. He had done nothing to deserve what had happened to him. In fact, his actions had been nothing short of honorable, but as the adage says, no good deed goes unpunished. But, the scriptures read, “But the Lord was with Joseph, and showed him mercy…and favor.” Genesis (39:21)

And that my friends was my thought process in the aftermath of Herman’s suspending his run. Herman had been betrayed by those he had helped. And like Potiphar’s wife, Ginger White not only betrayed the man who had showed her kindness, but she betrayed those around her as well.

White is a tragic figure, who has made a mess out of everything she has touched. She betrayed her business partner and alleged lesbian lover – she betrayed herself, and more importantly she betrayed America. But what would that matter to her? She has nothing to show for her life and it is wondered what her children think of her – after all, she was busy destroying their lives just as she was her own and those around her. But selfish, self-absorbed people don’t think about others, in truth they don’t think of themselves either or they would behave differently.

America needed Herman Cain. Typically when a politician promises to do something you take it w/ a grain of a salt. But, with Herman it was different, because he isn’t a politician. He isn’t part of the Washington good ol’ boy political establishment. He is one of us, who cares about the direction the country is heading. He spoke to us and for us and that made him a threat to the political heathens who hide behind the curtains – those who invisibly control the fortunes of candidates and decide who benefits from the collective spoils and bribes doled out to them. (Read More)


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