Moving Forward!


For 2 years we’ve burnt the midnight oil to promote the Common Sense conservative agenda of Herman Cain. Mr. Cain went from Herman Who? to being a household name. We also developed the largest army of grassroots supporters of any candidate in the field. Your tireless work and dedication are HUGELY appreciated.

In life, things don’t always turn out the way we want but we still need to move forward. The same is true in politics. While Mr. Cain has suspended his campaign, he has ordered all the field offices to begin closing and operations will cease by year end. He also confirmed this in an email to me this morning.

Much of Cain’s political views and foundational beliefs were parallel to Newt Gingrich. In fact, before became a political website, Cain promoted most of his views with links to Gingrich’s American Solutions. They are sound economic principles. has built a strong presence within the Facebook platform that has mobilized tens of thousands of people. We need your involvement, just as you have with your dedication with Herman Cain for our Plan B.

Plan B:

Over the course of the next few days we will be changing our Elect Cain State Groups to Gingrich organizational groups. We believe that Gingrich is our best hope for restoring Common Sense conservatism.

Newt Gingrich has catapulted to the front of the bus by consistency and persistency, sound familiar? He is polling number one nationally and has a commanding lead in the polls in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Florida. There is more polling data for this election cycle than any other time in history.

Herman Cain’s senior organizational teams, led by Jamie Brazil, have signed on and will be taking over field operations shortly. We’ve discussed with many in our leadership and nearly the entire operation is going to migrate over.

1. The Gingrich Jobs and Prosperity Plan:

  • Stop the 2013 tax increases
  • Make the United States the most desirable location for new business investment
  • Move toward an optional flat tax of 15%.
  • Strengthen the dollar.
  • Remove obstacles to job creation imposed by destructive and ineffective regulations, programs and bureaucracies.
  • Implement an American energy policy.
  • Balance the budget.
  • Repeal and replace Obamacare.
  • Fundamental reform of entitlement programs.

As you can see, the Gingrich plan is sound policy. I would encourage you to visit and register at

There is no time to lick our wounds or opt out, time is of the essence. Next week Americans will begin celebrating the holiday season and politicking will be on the back burner. In January voting begins. The foundational action items we used with Herman will be the same process with Gingrich. Thanks for ALL you’ve done over the past 2 years and thanks for doing what you’re doing now. You’re GREAT AMERICANS!

Let’s Roll!

Maurice Atkinson


11 thoughts on “Moving Forward!

  1. WHY are you plastering this all over the Internet & FB?!?!? Herman has NOT come out & endorsed Gingrich. What are you doing? If you were a true Cain Supporter, I would think you would wait to see IF Herman is actually going to endorse someone else first!!

  2. If you are a true suupporter of Herman Cain, you would not already be asking to endorse Newt. He is not a true conservative because for many reasons: makes deals with the enemy (Pelosi and gang), is for big government, is a republican establishment and can’t be trusted. Oh by the way, has been married 3 times to his former mistresses. So, please do not ask us to support Newt or any other republican. Because there is only one. person that should become our next president and that is Herman Cain.

    • Not at all. That “SLIMBALL” was the only candidate that wagered his political clout to defend Herman Cain while the media smear campaign was being waged. Additionally, Newt Gingrich’s platform is synonymous with Herman Cain’s absent the 999 plan.

  3. Great job Maurice!
    This is where I’m logically landing as well. Too many false rumors and wishful thinking going on. I appreciate and respect your leadership initially in your encouragement of Herman Cain and now here too. WE all want to wish it was a different way than it is, but its time to move forward. By you re-purposing your site, you will do a lot to quash all the false rumors. Herman Cain still has much to give and do and accomplish, it just won’t happen to be under the Title of President.
    The election of Newt Gingrich most closely allies with the principles that I found important in Herman Cain. It is also the best chance we have of really getting good tax policy and some influence in the next administration.
    Katie Page

  4. If Mr. Cain is moving his views to that of Newt, by then all who were behind him should follow his lead, cool or not according to the previous post. It is about America and not about ME as there is no me in TEAM. I too am a Candidate, in sorts, as I am an exploratory Candidate for the US Senate, Florida 2012 with a nice following of only 100,000 people, give or take but my party is the oldest party in the USA, The Whigs. The Florida Whig Party is the first Whig political party in the United States with ballot access and voter registration affiliation in modern times. The Party is not liberal, conservative, or centrists in focus. Instead, the FWP is based upon the open minded classical liberal principles upon which this nation was founded.
    PRINCIPLES BEFORE PARTY, PERSONALITY, AND PROFITS, WITH DEEDS NOT WORDS. With this, my little campaign is important to me and to many a angler in Florida due to restrictions NOAA/NMFS have brought forward through use of Obama’s National Ocean Council and Agenda 21; too which he ratified earlier this year without consent of the US Senate, making the ruling unconstitutional! Newt, in the South Carolina debates, brought up Agenda 21 and when he wins, it will be stricken from the country but I would rather form two class action law suits against Obama, as we 70 million with signatures would bring notice and maybe unseat his highness before the election even were to happen. First: Back in 1875, the United States Supreme Court, in Minor v, Happersett, ruled

    “Natural Born Citizen” was defined as children born of two U.S. citizens
    – regardless of the location of the birth. It found: “The Constitution
    does not, in words, say who shall be natural-born citizens. Resort must be
    had elsewhere to ascertain that. At common-law, with the nomenclature of
    which the framers of the Constitution were familiar, it was never doubted
    that all children born in a country of parents who were its citizens became
    themselves, upon their birth, citizens also.”
    As this election year booms onward with our selection, a class action suit is something Obama would not want to here about but the Press would have to look at the issue again as it is written and therefore must be observed; to which the previous United States Supreme Court, in Minor v, Happersett ruling would still apply as nobody has ever disputed it! It is a standing rule. I being an Exploratory Candidate and a proud citizen of this USA would be the first to sign on, as I am sure many more too would follow; perhaps this 70 million voters you are boasting about. The Courts & media would take notice and who knows, the very law of the land that created our great country may be the same to save it in ousting Obama by law! SECOND: He by passed the Senate in Ratifying a TREATY. Presidents to States cannot ratify Treaties; only the Senate can do so! LOST, Land Of the Sea Treaty, a United Nations Convention was first given to Ronald Reagan and he threw it out as pure socialist communism. That was in the late 80’s. Every other President recognized the treaty and we payed dues to the UN for doing such but none ratified it other than Obama, putting the country under UN process. UN Bill of Rights and UN conventions at a cost of 550 million a year to start. Under this Unconstitutional Treaty, our Constitution is not recognized by the UN, nor our Bill of Rights. Knowing a full scale riot would ensue if they imposed their law of the land in America, they are doing it under the radar of Americans as you & I through the National Rural Council & the National Ocean Council. Agenda 21! Heard of ICLEI? Well Miami is a ICLEI city. The City Council to the mayor signed an agreement with ICLEI in being a sustainable city, Smart Growth. They charge dues, you pay. They are hindering your rights with cameras on the streets to those funny water pipe contraptions sticking out of the ground all over, to which you pay. They control the electric usage during the summer and the list goes on and on. The whole concept is against the law. A treaty must be ratified by the US Senate. This treaty was never brought before them and President Obama knew they would throw it out the window so he by passed the Senate and Ratified it himself; he cannot do this by law. I am trying to find a way to take this to the US Supreme Court as it is unconstitutional.

    As you can see, I am trying the political road and like Mr. Cain, am learning but I am never at a lose of words. I believe that regardless if a law suit or suits are brought forward, a hook up with Newt is a wise choice. Who knows, we know not all and maybe a deal was struck where when Newt wins Mr. Cain will be in the Cabinet or even the Vice President. We need to do what ever it takes to bring our country together again as there are so many with questions and with Obama there are no answers; it just goes on an on anon an…..

  5. Since you are “leaving” Herman, I will leave this group. Especially since you are migrating to Newt Gingrich, who is an ESTABLISHMENT Good ol’ Boy. He is definitely NOT supported by the TEA Party. The Establishment GOP is DNC-Lite. Instead of being run off the cliff at 100mph, you’re talking about slowing it down to 50mph. Sorry, I do NOT agree with this.

  6. Maurice, I am with you 100 % I was passionate about helping Mr. Cain win the Nomination, but we have to be realistic and move on. Newt is our best hope right now. Thank you for all your efforts to help take back America..

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