From the LEADER who brought about the single largest transfer of political power in 40 plus years.   Newt Gingrich’s LEADERSHIP halted the Clinton administration’s big government socialist agenda.  Now it’s time for BOLD LEADERSHIP to restore common sense conservative values.

A Note from Newt Gingrich

America’s exceptional nature is based on the self-evident truths contained in the Declaration of Independence.  Our rights are endowed by our Creator and they are unalienable.

If we are to solve our jobs crisis and meet the challenges of the 21st century, we need a plan for national renewal based on these timeless American values.

That plan is the 21st Century Contract with America.

The 21st Century Contract with America will be much larger than the original, and will consist of four parts.

  1. A set of legislative proposals to shift America back to job creation, prosperity, freedom, and safety.
  2. A "Day One Plan" of Executive Orders to be signed on inauguration day to immediately transform the way the executive branch works.
  3. A training program for the transition teams and the appointees who will lead the shift back to Constitutional, limited government (coming soon);
  4. A system of citizen involvement to help us sustain grassroots support for change and help implement the change through 2021 (coming soon).

The 21st Century Contract with America is so large and covers so many changes necessary to get America back on the right track that it can’t possibly be developed by a small group.

Instead, it will be developed with the help and support of the American people.

The entire next year will be devoted to harnessing the wisdom and perspective of the American people to improving, developing and clarifying all four phases of the Contract.  This website, Newt.org, will be the central hub where citizens can participate in this development. It will be released in final form on September 27, 2012.  (Read "Why We Need a 21st Century Contract with America."DOWNLOAD HERE

In an age where massive pieces of legislation are written in secret and passed before anyone has time to understand their contents, it is my hope that this open process of developing the 21st Century Contract with America will help restore the bonds of trust between the American people and their elected representatives. 

This is a larger and more complex developmental challenge than any Presidential campaign has undertaken in modern times. The scale will seem impossible to some and grandiose to others. However, I believe it is the minimum necessary to mobilize the American people, change the entrenched elites and their system, and get America back on the right track.

That’s why I’m asking Americans to be with me, not just for me, because it will take all of us, working together, to change Washington and to save our country.

I hope you will be with me for the next year as we develop the 21st Century Contract with America together.

Your friend



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