Grassroots Boots For Newt!

Georgians with Newt,

Just a few weeks ago many of you headed north to Iowa to help in our efforts before the Caucuses. Now, it is time to deploy to South Carolina.

Starting on Monday, January 9th, and continuing through the Primary on Saturday, January 21st, we have created a rolling deployment plan to make sure the people of South Carolina know where Newt stands when it comes to protecting this country and to share Newt’s bold solutions to defeat President Obama.

There are opportunities to join people from all over the country in phone banking, walking door-to-door, waving signs, and many other exciting campaign activities!
If you are interested in traveling to South Carolina please contact Ella Krivitchenko at to let her know your availability and preferred dates of travel. In addition, please copy Sonya Harrison at

Thank you!
Sonya Harrison
Newt 2012
Director of Georgia Operations
P.O. Box 550769
Atlanta, GA 30355
678-973-2306 Office



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