We are putting together Teams from each state to deploy Boots on the ground in SC NOW!!! It is critical that we have a good showing in the South Carolina Primaries!

We need 500 volunteers to converge on South Carolina ASAP!!!

The plan as it stands today…we will have an in -and-out deployment program where volunteers will come in as much as they can between Monday and election day. This will be managed by Lesley Gaines (logistics) & Ruth Gaines (coordinator). They are coordinating the Door to Door blitzing that we will be doing through out the state of SC. IF there is anyone available to be boots on the ground anytime between now and Election day Jan 21st, Please email Ella Krivitchenko in SC with your Name, PH#, City, State & Dates you be available ASAP!!! She will be adding you to SC database to be deployed. ellak@newt.org also copy to me freedomj_89@earthlink.net so I can add you into our "Grassroots Boots for Newt" data base in Newt’s Network. newtsnetwork.com

Many Thanks
Jennifer Montrose
Alabama State Leader Grassroots
Grassroots Boots for Newt Regional Coordinator
Newt Gingrich 2012
cell: 205.292.9514



One thought on “****CALL TO ACTION **** CALL TO ACTION **** ‎CALL TO ACTION *** CALL TO ACTION ***

  1. I would like to know what Mr. Cain is up to right now.. he is holding it close to his chest about the 18th. and the Tea Party Convention in Myrtle Beach. My health does not allow me to pound the streets. Good luck on your campaign for Newt.

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