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DraftCain.org developed supporters and volunteers in all 50 states to Draft Herman Cain for President in 2012.  For any candidate to be viable they need the foundation of a well organized and solid grassroots activist base.   DraftCain.org developed a national base of more than 50,000 volunteers without soliciting donations.   Our network of volunteers utilized their time, talent and ingenuity to spread the word and built broad based support for Cain.  It was the most successful draft effort of its kind.

While the campaign has ended, much of our organization have remained involved supporting conservative candidates at the local, state and national level.

We thank you for your involvement!


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  1. Let’s Raise Cain!!!

    An Open Memo to Herman Cain, his supporters everywhere, but especially in the Tulsa, OK vicinity, Neale Boortz and whomever else it may interest:

    From: Chuck Bronson, Tulsa resident, independent conservative Christian and FairTax activist

    I hereby endorse the candidacy of Herman “The Hermanator” Cain for President of the United States, not only because he is the strongest proponent of the FairTax (although that tops my list) but also because:

    1. He is NOT a career politician;
    2. As, among other things, a former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza and Chairman of the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank, he not only has superior executive experience in the free enterprise system but also understands economics and fiscal policy issues better than any other candidate;
    3. He has wide ranging education and experience, including being the author of 4 books, a Horatio Alger award recipient and board member of various well-known companies; too much more to mention all here – see Wikipedia for more.

    However, it is my humble opinion that his campaign needs an immediate infusion of some energy, some electricity, some excitement, some catchy slogans, by-lines and even a theme song which will appeal to a broader spectrum of the electorate, without compromising his core values or standards or character. The headline of this memo is my first example. Harry Truman was said to have given ‘em hell – well, how about we “Raise Cain!!!”

    I suspect that Joan Baez may not be very favorably disposed toward Brother Cain for President, but her most famous song, “The Night They Drove Ole Dixie Down” just lends itself all too well to a parody for use as the Hermanator’s theme song. Below is my rewrite of the lyrics to this tune to help raise Herman Cain to the office of President:

    “Herman Cain is his name, he’s derailing the PresBO train;
    Though so many liberals came, they couldn’t get it together again.
    For November of 2012, we’re determined, we believe in ourselves,
    We’re raising Cain to DC we must, to have a leader in whom we can really trust.
    The night we vote the PresBO down, and freedom’s bells’ll be ringing,
    The night we vote Obama out, and all Cain-Raisers are singing, we’ll sing, ‘Nah, nah, the PresBO, nah; nah, nah, nah, nah, Obama, nah.’”

    Let some of us Cain Raisers who have the musical talents and know how to produce a good YouTube video get together and record this anthem to hopefully go viral on the internet. Are there enough of us in the Tulsa area where I am? If not, step forward where ever you are and Let’s Raise Cain!

    Chuck Bronson, (918) 828-4678

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