DraftCain.org is designed to develop teams of volunteers to build a grassroots base, supporting Herman Cain and encouraging his potential run for the presidency.


4 thoughts on “DraftCain.org

  1. I live south of Houston Texas, and i would like to know, what can i do to help Mr.Cain. HE HAS SOLD ME AND I LIKE FOR WHAT HE STANDS. If i can be of any help e-mail me and please let me know………Thanks, Steven LeBlanc

  2. I have seen Mr Cain on Fox previously was wondering why he wasn’t getting Any mention (hardly) as a potential candidate, I was thrilled by his outstanding performance and ‘presence’ in the debate! I’ve since googled him and WOW Impressive, please get more exposure I still need to know more about where he stands on issues such as (the Fed-an audit,if not complete dissolution is in order) specific solutions to HCare?Nat Debt?Wars? SSoc/Medicare (I’m disabled can’t live on SSD now but never abuse it-lost all due to accident) etc. Am willing to blog 4 etc (hav to b set up) very impressed yet it is early! Need more info! Are there any supporters in NEPA on Meetupcom? Godspeed De Eisenhauer

  3. Mr. Cain:

    Sir I just saw you today on FOX; I will also do what-ever I can to help you get where you belong, in the White House! At last someone who speaks with a BRAIN! We need people like you in government, people who simply know how to spend within our means. What can I do to help?

  4. Soon No One will be able to not pay attention to this Man, the word is getting Out and he wins every Straw Poll that I have seen.

    If we could only get Chris Christie to run with him that would be the Dream Team!

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